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BD chaurasia Human Anatomy:-

The BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy is the most famous anatomy book studied by medical students all over the world. BD chaurasia anatomy is in three volumes.

1. BD chaurasia Human Anatomy Volume 1 
2. BD chaurasia Human Anatomy Volume 2
3. BD chaurasia General Anatomy 

BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy volume 1 :
This volume covers 

  • Anatomy of upper limb 
  • Anatomy of the thorax.

BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy volume 2 :
This volume covers 

  •  Anatomy of the lower limb
  • Anatomy of abdomen 
  • Anatomy of head and neck.

BD chaurasia General Anatomy  :
This book covers all general anatomy  topics its table of contents are

1. Skeleton
2. Muscles
3. Joints
4. Lymphatic system
5. Cardiovascular system
6. Skin and fasciae
7. Nervous system
8. Ligaments and raphe
9. Connective tissue
10. Anatomical words meanings and historical names
11. Principles of radiography.

                  About the author:
Dr.BD Chaurasia

He was the author of many books on the subject of anatomy read all over the world.



       Silent features of BD Chaurasia

  • The book is in very simple language and is very easy to understand.
  • The book also covers clinical anatomy and different clinical cases are given in each chapter.
  • Anatomical diagrams are given which is not much clear so you will need  Netter atlas for a better understanding of anatomical diagrams

Preface to the 5th Edition  of Human Anatomy Regional and applied By B.D Chaurasia :

  • Simple colored diagrams extensively illustrate each chapter
  •  Both text and diagrams are improved in the new edition
  • All the contents are updated in the latest edition.
  • practical skills have been added to the new edition so that it encompasses theoretical, practical and clinical aspects of various parts of human body in a functional manner.
  • The paragraphs describing human dissection, printed with the blue background, provide necessary instructions for dissection. These entail identifying structures deeper to the skin which need to be cut and separated to visualize the anatomic details of various structures.
  • . An essential part of the text and some diagrams from the first edition have been incorporated glorifying the real author and artist in BD Chaurasia. A number of diagrams on ossification, surface marking, muscle testing, in addition to radiographs, have been added

A brief account of the related histology and development is put forth so that the given topic is covered in all respects.
The entire clinical anatomy has been put on the respective topic, highlighting its importance. The volumes thus are concise, comprehensive and clinically-oriented.
Various components of upper and lower limbs have been described in a tabular form to revise and appreciate their “diversity in similarity”.

At the end of each section, an appendix has been added wherein the segregated course of the nerves has been aggregated, providing an overview of their entire course. 
These appendices also contain some clinicoanatomical problems and multiple choice questions to test the knowledge and skills acquire.

     Head & Neck                 Upper limb & Thorax                     Lower limb & Pelvis

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